Drop your next great work as an NFT
Mint, experience, and sell/auction your music, 2d or 3d art easily and inexpensively.

Audio files support with artist image display. AIFF, WAV, MP3

Include unlockable content for verified NFT owners.

Sell interactive 3D models from Blender and display in gallery (GLB, binary version of GLTF).     More info

View galleries in your Virtual Reality headset.

Extremely Low Fees

Built on the Algorand blockchain, with fees less than one penny per transaction, and 0.1 ALGO per asset minted (< 20 cents). No platform fees during the Beta period.

Very Fast Transaction Times

Algorand transactions are confirmed within about 15-20 seconds.
To purchase an NFT: 1) Make sure you have connected your wallet, 2) Click to go to Sale detail page and buy buttons will appear.
To bid on an auction, 1) Click the card to go to the auction details and enter bid at the bottom.
No auctions are currently open or actionable for your account.
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To purchase an NFT: 1) Make sure you have connected your wallet, 2) Buy buttons will appear.
To bid on an auction, 1) Connect wallet, 2) Click the card to go to the auction details and enter bid at the bottom.
VR (alpha) Drag & drop arrangement
⏯︎ ⏭︎ (Playlist is experimental, plays all audio/video > 19 seconds)
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To Mint NFTs, ensure that you are logged into the site AND your wallet, AND have verified your email.

What is The GIF Economy?

An arts and music collective dedicated to exploring the unique implications of blockchain technology on improvised music and art. We support escrow-based auctions, direct sales, and giveaways. Some reading to understand where we're coming from:

🍂 11/03/21 Massive Fall Update

This version includes several new features and improvements, and coincides with the release of a new work by founders Devon (music composition) and Christian (3d/graphic design), displayed on the home page and available for free.

🔐 Unlockable Content

► To create unlockable content, simply provide a URL linking to it in that field on the Mint page (after the Notes field). You may want to use Pinata to pin and get a link first if the content isn't already online (see Tools/Links menu item).

► The listing will show a lock symbol in the lower right hand corner, and "Unlockable Content" on the detail page.

► To display the content, users click the "Unlockable Content" link on the detail page, and sign a dummy transaction which is sent to the server to check the signature and verify they own the wallet that asset is assigned to. If they are the owner, it then shows the content in the media area. They may click again to toggle back to the original content.

► Once users sign the verification transaction, the content remains unlocked for them on that computer.

🆓 Giveaways

► To create a giveaway, just set the sale price to 0. It will show up with a Free tag in the corner.

👛 Persistent Wallet Connection

► My Algo Wallet will now stay connected between page refreshes!

🎫 Live Stream Event Tickets

► You can now create tickets to live stream events on the Mint page. Specify the date and time and an image to display on the ticket.

► To start the stream, click the Connect button on the ticket (if you haven't done so before) and then press the Streamer Check-in button. After validating your wallet identity with a transaction (which is not transmitted on the network), the stream server and stream key will display. Enter them into the Stream tab in OBS Studio settings.

► To view a stream, go to the ticket card and click the Connect button (if its the first time) and then the Validate Ticket button. You will sign a transaction and the server will verify the signature corresponds to the ticket owner. The stream will appear on the ticket.

► Please inform us in the Discord if you plan a very large stream event so we can add additional streaming servers if necessary.

🖼️ Gallery improvements

► You may now filter by Free Only, Sales, or Auctions.

► Asset description will display on the right hand side of detail page (pulled from original Asset config transaction note).

► Can display items that use IPFS:// in their URL

► Clicking an image while in detail view opens full image in new tab.

► Fixed bug with items occassionally not displaying related to partial network transfers.

🧠 Deep Learning Music Visualizer

► A music visualization tool using deep learning is available on the Mint page. It uses a BigGAN model and script created by Matt Siegelman.

► There are quite a few options. You can try specifying something like a 5 second duration and leaving the other options at their defaults to start.

► Select the audio track and click Submit Job. The GPU cloud server is expensive so you may need to wait in a queue. Job status will display.

► When the video has been created a View link will appear. If it looks ok, click Create Asset.


► URLs work completely differently. Hashtags are gone.

► Metatags per page.

► to improve what gets delivered to google bots.


Please provide feedback in the Discord if there are issues or you have suggestions. Thanks so much to Marc and Tim for all of their QA work and suggestions. Also thanks to jtkmusic for his bug reports and ideas. And especially thanks to Devon for conceiving of and funding this project, recruiting artists, grant proposals, etc., etc.

  • Jason (runvnc)

Supported Media Types

  • Audio files such as WAV, MP3 and AIFF (automatically converted to WAV for compatibility). This will be shown in a special card with the artist name and image along with the audio controls.
  • Images and videos
  • 3D Models in either GLB format (binary version of GLTF).
  • HTML (which can contain just about anything that will render in an iframe with minimal sandboxing)

Note for Firefox Users

For Firefox, you will need to add an exception for this site to open popups so that My Algo Wallet will work. For help, contact Jason in Discord (runvnc).

Mobile Support

Mobile support is currently very limited, YMMV.

Is there a Commission/Fee?

There is currently no commission during the beta. After the beta, there may be a small fee which has yet to be determined.

What do the smart contracts do?

There are two Algorand smart contracts in use per auction, a stateless escrow contract and a stateful auction contract (application).

Escrow account (stateless contract): holds the ASA and Algos for most recent bid, requires all transactions to be approved by the application (stateful contract as described below)

What the stateful smart contract ensures:

If constraints listed are not satisfied, reject transaction

  • If Create call:
    • Prevent AssetCloseTo, CloseRemainderTo, RekeyTo, AssetSender (clawback) on 4 transactions
    • Verify GroupSize is 4
    • Asset and small initial funding amount (0.2) transferred to escrow account.
    • Auction is setup by seller with opening bid, duration.
    • Payment receiver is Escrow
    • Next transaction is an opt-in by Escrow
    • Final transaction is transfer from Seller to Escrow
  • If Bid call:
    • Prevent AssetCloseTo, CloseRemainderTo, RekeyTo, AssetSender (clawback) on 3 or 4 transactions
    • Verify bidder is not Seller (bid on own auction)
    • Verify that bidder is not Escrow
    • If first call, set end time
    • Check that payment is to escrow
    • Check bid amount is valid
    • Check number of transactions in group
    • Make sure previous bid Algos are returned
    • Set HighBid and HighBidder
  • If Cancel call:
    • Prevent AssetCloseTo, CloseRemainderTo, RekeyTo, AssetSender (clawback)
    • Check GroupSize
    • There are no bids yet
    • Asset is returned to seller
  • If Transfer call at end of auction:
    • Prevent AssetCloseTo, CloseRemainderTo, RekeyTo, AssetSender (clawback)
    • Check GroupSize
    • Verify transaction 1: must be be asset transfer from Escrow to HighBidder
    • Verify transaction 2: must be payment from Escrow to Seller

Smart contract improvements and audits are ongoing.

How can I make an HTML NFT?

The easiest way is to use something like Pinata and pin an entire folder. Then you can link to images or other assets in your HTML with relative links (just the filename). Then on the Mint NFT page click on "Existing URL" and enter the Pinata IPFS gateway URL.

You will want to check that your HTML displays properly in the gallery view before posting an auction.

Make sure you have an image and description if you want to show up on the Artists page